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Newa Dey Daboo

Newar community is one of the oldest indigenous peoples scattered over almost all districts of Nepal. Wherever they are, they have organized in different forms for the welfare of the community. Newa Dey Daboo (NDD) is a national level Federal body represented by different local level individual organizations of the Newars. It was constituted by a two-day National Convention held in Kathmandu on 7th and 8th of Yanlathwa 1115 Nepal Era (1st and 2nd September 1995) and was established with the objective to support and promote ethnicity especially for Newar ethnic group’s identity and rights. A national level organization of the Newars, with their own distinct art, culture, language, literature tradition and festivals was felt need not only for the welfare of the community but also the national pride. Newa Dey Daboo was formed to unite all Newars in the task of national building by uplifting their art, culture, language, literature and heritage. It also envisaged to create a national platform for Newar organizations of the country with a definite direction for involving them into the main streamline of people’s governance through civic and cultural activities.