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Mission & Vision

The goal of Newa Dey Daboo is to develop an integrated Newar Society for economic empowerment, educational opportunities, participation in formulation of policies and protection of cultural heritage of Newars


To strengthen indigenous knowledge related to autonomous state and resource management

To strengthen positive values, culture, language and customary laws

To voice out for inclusive democracy

To make dialogues with policy makers and stake holder to better have rights, jobs and opportunities ensured

To bring social justice


ŸTo create awareness among all Newars being Newars as a matter of pride.

ŸTo develop cooperative attitude among the Newars.

ŸTo make Newars aware of value of their history, culture, literature, language, art, music, etc.

ŸTo protect/promote Newar culture, literature language, art, music traditions, customs etc.

ŸTo make effort for socio-economic and cultural promotion of the Newars and enhance employment opportunities and career development opportunities.

To activate people to achieve equal right for language, religion and culture of all ethnic groups

To support in establishing cordial relationship with different ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural communities of Nepal.

To enhance universal values of human society such as equality, peace, freedom, friendship etc.